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Areas of Translation
  Judicial proceedings
  Summons & complaints
  Diplomas & certificates
    Evidentiary & financial documents
Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical
Medical & dental records
  Patient information
  Health insurance documents
  Medical & dental invoices
  Medical & dental quotations
Bank statements
  Financial reports
  Letters of credit
  Letters of support
  Income verifications
User manuals
  User guides
  Technical documents
Promotional and Marketing
  Press releases
  Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters
  Magazine articles
Websites and Literature
Old German Scripts  further information




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GLSAS -Translations done better

We understand the importance of accurate translations.             GLSAS only use native speakers proficient in both the target
and source language. We donít use a translation software.
All completed translations go through a final review to assure quality. It is our goal to provide our clients with professional translations for a competitive price within a fast and reliable turnaround time.



GLSAS  provides certified translations as well as notarization if requested. We individually certify each document submitted so as to maximize document reusability and insure the highest quality. To certify a document means to vouch for its contents. Therefore we only certify translations performed by us. By proofing the translation against the source we state that it is a true and accurate translation, to the best of our knowledge.
A certification ensures that the document is a valid translation and may be used for legal purposes.

The notarization certifies the authenticity of the translator's signature.

The certification and notarization of translations are routinely required for immigration and naturalization, academic, and professional purposes.

Documents issued and having legal effect on the territory of one country can be used on the territory of another country only after their legalization in accordance with the established procedure unless otherwise is provided for by the legislation of countries or international contractual provisions which repeal the authorization procedure participants of which are countries. At present the most common method of this certification is the Apostille.




Phone   +1.239.530.2600
Fax       +1.239.791.1265
Email    contact@glsasonline.com
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Last Website Update: November 6, 2014
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Document Handling
Documents can be exchanged via document-upload [go to>contact], email-attachment, regular mail, fax or UPS/FedEx.
All documents are stored in a secure environment and no proprietary information of the documents to be translated is released to any person or entity. All original documents are returned to the client.


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