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Interpreting Projects
Court Hearings
  Depositions and Arbitrations
  Business Meetings
    Local Authorities [e.g. DMV]
    Private Events [e.g. doctor's visit]




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With Us.

Interpreting is facilitating oral communication between or among parties conversing in different languages; explaining or expounding.

Our Interpreting Service is the right contact if you need a competent partner to clear away the linguistic barriers between German and English speaking people for all situations in daily life.


Whether you need a interpreter for a deposition or a social event, we can provide you with the service you need and the quality you expect. 




Phone   +1.239.530.2600
Fax       +1.239.791.1265
Email    contact@glsasonline.com
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Last Website Update: November 6, 2014
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Consecutive Interpreting
This type of interpreting involves interpreting for individuals who are speaking in turn during the course of a conversation. Here the speaker pauses every few minutes to allow the interpreter to relay the contents to the attending parties. Consecutive interpreting is used in legal proceedings like depositions and other verbal court procedures.

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